3 New Resources To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Sydney On A Budget: What To Do & What To See

6 Hotspots in 2016 To Get You To Travel More


Every new year, thousands of people write “travel more” on their real (or mental) lists about things to change this year, but whether for finances or time, most people never get around to knocking through this must-do on their list.

If you’re determined once and for all, and are just looking for the inspiration to push you over the edge and book that ticket, here are 7 hotspots around the world that are begging for a little TLC from tourists. You better hurry quick though, before the word gets out!

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How To Stay Eco-friendly When Abroad

24 Hours in Salzburg

The 7 Culinary Wonders of Toronto

How do you know you’re a foodie? It’s more than just being up to date with the latest food trends—it’s going to be the year of the poutine, I have a feeling—it’s about having a taste for the unexplored, the never-been-tried before, and the fusion dishes that seem just a little too far-fetched to be good, but always are.

In a town like Toronto, with inspiration from all over the world mixed with the delicious local fare, it’s easy to stumble upon great eats, but why stumble unnecessarily? Check out these killer vittles from Muddy York—perfect for any foodie—and tuck in!

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The Ultimate Checklist Before Departing for Dubai

Dubai is easily one of the world’s most up and coming cities; from dazzling skyscrapers to to-die for beach side destinations, this city is brimming with excellent dining, nightlife, and adventures waiting just on the other end of your plane ride.

But before you head out, or even before you book your flight, there are a couple things to keep in mind that come with travelling to the City of Gold, so give this list a look to make sure you’re all set and ready for your next adventure!
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Bombay: The Real Story

By India Someday

Bombay knows its own beauty better than anyone else, and will be more than happy to hold your hand and show you around—for a price. You’ll be packed into a sweaty bus for a ‘Mumbai Darshan’, forced into awkward selfies at the Gateway and Marine Drive and packed off with a quick peek into the Dharavi slums, all very depressing as shown in the pamphlet. In this great city of opportunity, there’s always room for another tout, but just like Shantaram will tell you, there’s also room for the discerning tourist. Here’s a list that’ll help you slip into the skin of the locals, and live as close to the authentic life as you can!

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My Favorite Places To Visit & Lessons I’ve Learned

The Price of Travel

The coins at the bottom of my bank account don’t even rattle against one another (at the moment) that I know of; certainly in some foreign countries, there is a coin large enough to cover the contents of my life savings in just one coin so it has nothing to jingle against outside of the small metal box I imagine is sitting in the bank with all my material possession.

Everyone knows travel takes financing, and not many people begin with the kind of funds that it takes to sustain extended travel, and I can promise that I wasn’t born into a trust fund that never ended. But because my one dream was to travel to faraway lands and never settle for the white picket fence life, I’ve managed to find a way (so far) and so can you.

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